Anti-U.S. opinion in Arab countries grows over support for Israel, leaders tell Blinken

Biden, Saudis call for Israeli restraint as Gaza suffers another bloody day GAZA/TEL AVIV/CAIRO— Pressure grew on Israel on Monday from its staunch ally the United States and from Middle East powers to ease its assault on Gaza as its forces said they engaged in “tough battles” against Hamas militants in central and southern parts of the enclave. Following talks with Arab leaders, Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed late Monday in Tel Aviv on the latest leg of a regional tour aimed at preven

Republican presidential candidates gear up for final week before Iowa caucuses

Phillips and Williamson blast DNC over letter to New Hampshire MANCHESTER, N.H. — Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., and Marianne Williamson tonight accused the Democratic National Committee of trying to subvert democracy with its letter calling the Jan. 23 New Hampshire primary "meaningless." Phillips and Williamson, who are both challenging Biden in the party's primary, responded to the letter during a debate hosted by New England College. “I hope it goes in the National Archives on display because

Ray Epps, a Jan. 6 defendant 'scapegoated' by far-right media, sentenced to probation

WASHINGTON — A Donald Trump supporter who faced threats after far-right conspiracy theorists and then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson falsely suggested he was a secret government operative who entrapped other Jan. 6 rioters was sentenced to probation on Tuesday.

Ray Epps, who was on the grounds of the Capitol on Jan. 6, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count earlier this year. Prosecutors sought a six-month prison sentence for Epps who became a target of far-right conspiracy theorists who have soug

Biden campaigns in South Carolina as he struggles to build Black voter support

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Amid declining support from Black voters, President Joe Biden headed Monday to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the site of a horrific hate crime in which a white supremacist massacred nine worshippers in 2015 — what his campaign sees as a high-stakes address as he kicks off the election year.

The address at the historic church, known as “Mother Emanuel,” comes just days after Biden kicked off the campaign year near Valley Forge, Pa., criticizing Trump for his acti

Republican candidates criss-cross Iowa in final 10-day stretch to caucuses

Why Trump can't use the 'idiot' defense other Jan. 6 defendants often lean on For the past three years, defense lawyers seeking leniency for Jan. 6 rioters have often struck a similar theme in trying to explain to federal judges and Washington juries how their clients fell for thoroughly debunked lies about the 2020 presidential election: They argued that their clients weren’t very smart or that they had conditions that made them vulnerable to disinformation. In court filings and sentencing memo

Kennedy was assassinated decades ago. Could the 2024 campaign push the final sets of documents into public view?

WASHINGTON — Last year marked the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, and despite widespread public skepticism surrounding the official narrative of the case and legislation mandating transparency, there are still 4,700 documents related to the case that are partially or heavily redacted.

The assassination of Kennedy has remained an enduring mystery in the public imagination. A live operator interview poll of 2,000 voters commissioned by the Mary Ferrel

Rep. Lauren Boebert to switch congressional districts and run in safer GOP territory

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., announced Wednesday that she'll be seeking the GOP nomination next year in a neighboring congressional district that's solidly Republican, instead of her district where she eked out a win against a Democratic opponent during the 2022 midterms.

Boebert said she would be running in Colorado's 4th Congressional District, where fellow Republican Rep. Ken Buck previously announced he would not seek re-election. Last year, Boebert won a second term representing the 3rd C

Jury deliberations begin in Rudy Giuliani defamation trial: Highlights

Giuliani departs courthouse, does not speak to press Giuliani left the courthouse shortly after it was announced that the jury deliberations would resume tomorrow morning. Unlike previous days in the trial, Giuliani declined to speak to the press while leaving the building.

The jury has ended its deliberations for the day and left the courthouse. Deliberations are scheduled to resume tomorrow at 9 a.m. ET.

The jury has asked for documents concerning damages The jury submitted a note to the jud

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson elected House speaker: Highlights

Johnson hosts a podcast with his wife called “Truth be Told with Mike & Kelly Johnson.” Its introduction includes words of praise from former President Donald Trump calling him “a great guy.” In one of the episodes, he says the podcast’s main purpose is to “offer a biblical perspective on the big cultural, social and political issues that are in the headlines each and every week … and how to respond in a way that we believe the lord would have us respond.” The podcast, posted before Johnson thru

Mike Johnson clinches GOP House speaker nomination hours after Tom Emmer drops out: Highlights

Amid the impasse, McCarthy is floating a plan that would reinstall him as speaker and make Jordan, a conservative Trump ally, the assistant speaker, according to three sources familiar with McCarthy’s pitch. Asked why the idea — which lacks key details, like how it would be enacted and whether it could even gain enough traction to happen — was being floated now, a GOP lawmaker replied: “We’re desperate.” While the idea might seem far-fetched and it has not been pitched broadly within the GOP Con